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The latest real estate and community insights for the Eastside and the Greater Seattle area

Washington Moves to a Graduated Real Estate Tax

Washington state is changing our flat real estate excise tax (REET) to a graduated tax, based on home sales price, beginning in 2020.

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10 Best Renovations for the Money

Whether you’re finally fed up with your kitchen, getting ready to sell, or looking to add sweat equity ... check out the best renovations for any budget in Seattle!

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What You Need to Know About: VA Home Loans

For most military borrowers, VA loans are the best lending program on the market. But there are still unique benefits and lesser-known restrictions that you might not know about!

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Memorial Day Bash

Memorial Day is a time for celebration, but food, decorations, drinks, and entertainment can all add up! Here are six tricks to pulling off a great summer kickoff party without spending a fortune.

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State of the Market

Snowmageddon, restless buyers, and what to expect this Spring.

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Where Did Americans Move in 2018?

Every year United Van Lines tracks the inter-state moves of millions of Americans. Take a look at which states people moved to -and which states are losing population.

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Low Offers: Why They're Valuable and How They Sell Your Home

A low offer can often feel offensive to sellers - but they're actually a great learning tool and can lead to a good sale.

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Stay Cozy: How to Prevent HVAC Breakdowns

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning — as well as comfort. Learn the steps you can do yourself to help maintain your HVAC system, prevent breakdowns, and stay cozy!

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The Sign of the Future

This week Compass rolled out the new, tech forward real estate sign. No more tired swinging wood shingles - instead...

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