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The latest real estate and community insights for the Eastside and the Greater Seattle area

State of the Market

Snowmageddon, restless buyers, and what to expect this Spring.

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Where Did Americans Move in 2018?

Every year United Van Lines tracks the inter-state moves of millions of Americans. Take a look at which states people moved to -and which states are losing population.

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Low Offers: Why They're Valuable and How They Sell Your Home

A low offer can often feel offensive to sellers - but they're actually a great learning tool and can lead to a good sale.

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Stay Cozy: How to Prevent HVAC Breakdowns

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning — as well as comfort. Learn the steps you can do yourself to help maintain your HVAC system, prevent breakdowns, and stay cozy!

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10 Best Home Renovations for the Money

Whether you’re finally fed up with your kitchen, getting ready to sell, or Pinterest has you dreaming of a patio you want to make sure...

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The Sign of the Future

This week Compass rolled out the new, tech forward real estate sign. No more tired swinging wood shingles - instead...

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Inside Look: Broker’s Open Prep

Take a look behind the scenes as the team gets ready to host local brokers. For this stunning home, a party was the only way to go!

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Weekend Events: Seattle Pride Events for Everyone!

Think the parade is the only Pride event? Not so! We’ve rounded up event highlights for all ages! Check out what’s on this weekend.

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2018 High School Rankings

After evaluating over 20, 500 public high schools U.S. News compiled their list of the best in the country – those that best served...

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